Superhit Producer Goes Philosophical

By - August 17, 2016 - 12:55 PM IST

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Your biggest challenge as a member of the film fraternity is when you score success and are flooded with overflowing attention. All those who have handled that admiration went on to become big names in the cinema industry. Another producer has joined that club now.

He is none other than Raj Kandukuri, the producer of the movie Pelli Choopulu. Suddenly, a lot of popularity has been drowsed upon him and he is getting many invites for different film events. Wherever he is going, a hungama announcement is happening.

A lot of people are taking selfies with him. Someone asked Raj how does he feel about all this. His reply was “It is ten years since I came and I didn’t see it before. This is a temporary thing happening because of the success so I am not getting affected.” Since he is son of the learned Sivananda Murthy, Raj spoke philosophically yet sensibly.

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