JD's Wife Is Not From Normal Family

By - August 20, 2016 - 10:06 AM IST

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The wedding bells are ringing strongly in the Tollywood circuit once again and recently it was the intellectual filmmaker who tied the knot. Now, another wedding also has taken place albeit in a hush hush manner. We are talking about the marriage of actor J D Chekravarthy.

The woman who stole his heart happens to be actress Anukriti Sharma. She shot to fame as the heroine of the controversial movie Sridevi. However, Anukriti is not from an ordinary family. Her mother is a big bureaucrat in Uttar Pradesh and she is in top cadre in CM Peshi in UP.

Anukriti’s father was a businessman and he is no more. They are a very well off family and it is just that she is interested in modeling and acting but not for livelihood. She doesn’t need to work because she comes from a very wealthy and influential family.