Respect for Kamal Increases with This

By - August 23, 2016 - 11:20 AM IST

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The Universal Hero Kamal Hassan is not only a brilliant versatile actor but also someone with high level of intelligence on non-film aspects as well. He is passionate about cinema and at the same time has deeper understanding on the makings of life. This aspect of Kamal has earned him more fans who admire him as an exemplary personality.

The actor was recently awarded the prestigious Chevalier de L’Ordre Arts et Lettres- a rare honor which comes to only gifted actors.  This is an international recognition which is given to people who excelled in their field of Cinema. But Kamal is so humble in this regard that he acknowledged the award with a thanksgiving speech which would make anyone respect him more.

He offered his first respects to the pioneers of Indian Cinema namely Satyajit Ray and  actor Sivaji Ganesan and also his teachers and people who guided him in this long journey. He also expressed his grief that his parents are sadly not present to see him earn such rare honor.

iQlik congratulates Kamal for getting such rare honor and making every Indian Cinema fan proud!

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