'A' Music Company's Bulldozing Strategy

By - August 24, 2016 - 06:07 PM IST

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At a time when the audio companies are downing their shutters, one company is arriving to give a challenge to the remaining. We are talking about ‘A’ music company, an initiative from the noted production house Abhishek Pictures. This is owned by Nama Abhishek.

Sources say there is a bulldozing strategy here. Usually, audio companies give 25 lakhs even for Pawan Kalyan movies because of monopoly. Currently, Aditya music is ruling entire industry. The second rung has Madhura audio and then there are national brands like T-series.

But due to lack of competition, the market has become weak. Now, Abhishek Pictures are coming forward to pay the highest price and it is natural that all will come to them. Currently, small films are being bought for 1 or 2 lakhs citing no recoverability. The big challenge for ‘A’ music company is, how much financial potential they have. They need to have strong fund base and proper strategy. We have to wait and see how they will hit the market.