Fan Murder Case: Powerstar off to Tirupati today

By - August 25, 2016 - 10:38 AM IST

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There are many stars, many diehard fans and then there are Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fans. He is an ‘ism’ and someone even higher than a demigod for fans. Even fans are of high-priority for Powerstar and sometimes even more than his own family.

Going into the details, Pawan Kalyan shall the visit and console the grieved family of his fan (late) Vinod in Tirupati today. The Powerstar is expected to reach Tirupati around 10.45 AM and will go straight to Vinod’s residence. All the essential arrangements are reportedly taken care of.

As we know Vinod (an active Pawan Kalyan fan) has been murdered in Kolar (Karnataka) allegedly by his peer group (touted to be fans of a young hero) after attending a fan meeting organized in Kolar. Vinod and the alleged murderers who sat over a drink in a local hotel room eventually had a heated argument over their respective favourite heroes which apparently led to the murder.
Police are investigating into this from all possible angles.

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