Social Media Is A Curse For Star Heroes?

By - August 26, 2016 - 07:21 PM IST

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Technology is something which we cannot live without but at the same time, it has also got its own share of evils. In today’s time, the impact and influence of social media is quite high and to those who are part of film industry, it is an important platform.

While that may be so, it is also becoming a curse for the star heroes. Being in social media, they are expected to make noise every now and then. All are criticizing they are not responding for issues and not sharing their thoughts. Problem is, when they do, it leads to another controversy.

This problem is happening only for big stars. To be frank, staying away from such issues gives them peace and they focus more on their work. Of course, the average range and aspiring heroes need social media badly so they should involve strongly. Star heroes need to be exempted.