Pelli Choopulu Worldwide Collections

By - August 27, 2016 - 01:06 PM IST

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When you come up with a small budget flick, you would thank your lucky stars if it is able to bring back your investment. And if the film scores a success, you might expect around 30% to 40% profits. But anything above that means it is a huge achievement.

This is the reason why the success of the recent release Pelli Choopulu is being celebrated in a big way. According to latest reports, the gross collections in India plus the gross collections in USA plus Satellite plus remake rights has fetched an outstanding figure to the makers.

Well, the movie has touched a whopping thirty crores mark and it cannot be said that the business run is complete since the film is running in a fair number of theatres.  Such type of hits usually bring a huge positivity in the industry which is usually running into losses.