'I'm working on remake of Vicky Donor'- Composer Sri Charan Interview Part 2

By - August 28, 2016 - 11:23 AM IST

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Conversations with young composer Sri Charan.. continued..

The sound design for Kshanam was quite unique and fresh. What was the effort behind it?
I would give the entire credit to director as well Adivi Sesh for looking after every aspect of the film and the music.  They took great care in helping us out to get such output and gave me full freedom for doing so!

How do you approach for composing background music for your films?
I don’t pre plan this particular instrument has to be used for a sequence. I go as per my instinct at that moment and try to experiment.  A fresh sound can come only with such approach but not with text book style of composing.

Do you believe in one shot approach for a song or give multiple tunes for a scene?
I strongly believe in one shot approach. If a song happens to be liked, it should happen in the first go. For this, there should be a great sync between director and the composer.

Do you think advancement of technology has affected the quality of music these days?
True. Lot of things is automated and perfection has become a forte only for live recordings. Many things are done in loop and singers sing when they have time. There is lot of factors involved in this.  However, I am particular about the tone of music and how the singers render a Telugu song.  I am more concerned about the language sounding as well. I can assure you that such quality will be retained in my compositions! I personally miss the bygone live recordings because there was such quality then. Technology can damage the output sometimes. The golden era should be back now with ample use of technology. As a composer, I must know where I should limit the technology in my songs.

Should a song be liked in first instant or it should grow on you gradually?
It is highly subjective. The catchiness takes a front seat for a mass song because it has to go straight to the listener.  But for a melody, I need to understand the scenario and get into the scene. Personally, one needs to be flexible enough to become a film composer!

How was your approach for Guntur Talkies which came later?
There was more room for fun element for this film and I had more free hand. Praveen has given complete freedom to work on the best.

Your favorite composers in the current generation?
I like Santhosh Narayan in the young generation of composers. However, it is the score of Mani Sharma in Athadu which influenced me a lot.

Your take on non-Telugu singers singing in Telugu?
Well, the trend wasn’t something new to us because we had it since old times as well. But the composer has to take care on the language diction and look after how it is done. We are not dearth of singers and we should be proud of it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t experiment on new singers to give a new sound. There are some vocalists like Hariharan and Shankar Mahadevan who are gifted with magical voice which should be explored in Telugu too.

Upcoming projects?
I am currently working on seven projects. I am totally held up with them. I am working on remake of Vicky Donor starring Sumanth. Another film is Sobhan Babu starring Rahul Ravindran and Raja Meeru Keka by Guntur Talkies producers. There are four untitled projects which is Rom-Com, Thrillers as well.

Vicky Donor is a challenging subject and a quirky album to deal with. What can we expect from the project?
I can promise that the same songs will not be reused and the film will feature some completely new songs and fresh sounding which has Telugu nativity (smiles).

Okay.. thank you and wish you the best for upcoming projects!
Thanks a lot!

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