Checkmate To Spoofs In Telugu Films

By - August 29, 2016 - 06:50 PM IST

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You would agree with us when we say that unlike the rest of the woods, Tollywood is one industry where primary focus is on comedy and entertainment. In this process, there are many spoofs that keep coming in and the Telugu audience enjoys it a lot.

However, a checkmate situation is now happening on these spoofs. Apparently, many Telugu movies get dubbed into Hindi and get released in the north Indian TV movie channels. It is heard that the audience is unable to understand these spoofs.

As a result, the TV channels from north are reportedly urging the Tollywood folks to come up with original comedy tracks. While their request is valid, it has to be seen how our filmmakers are going to adhere to it. Of course, point to be noted is, original comedy results in good expansion of the market.

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