Udaya Bhanu Reveals Reasons behind Late Pregnancy

By - August 29, 2016 - 12:10 PM IST

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The sensational anchor and actress Udayabhanu needs no introduction in the field of glitz and glamor. She had lot of setbacks in career and worked very hard to come out of all this. She also faced some controversies in the middle but fought with good conviction.

She later married the love of her life and very soon going to deliver twin babies as well. Speaking on this memorable occasion, she said that being a woman in a male dominant industry like anchoring and acting is like living in a glass house. Udayabhanu also said that people would be willing to write any extent of lies on her career and a woman should be strong enough to face such setbacks.

She also said that in case she has twin daughters in the delivery, she will grow them as strong individuals. The confident actress said that it was financial struggles which led the couple to delay the pregnancy in order to settle down well.