'My Fans will Never go Violent'- Jr NTR Special Interview

By - August 30, 2016 - 02:11 PM IST

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Young Tiger Jr NTR occupies a special place in Tollywood and the league of young heroes for his unique histrionics, star value and breathtaking dances. He has been choosing interesting scripts such as Nannaku Prematho which released earlier this year and now coming with Janatha Garage directed by Koratala Siva. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Tarak…

What is the reason behind naming the film Janatha Garage?
The film’s main hero is the place Janatha Garage itself and I don’t see any other apt title for this script. When Koratala Siva told me the title I felt 'this is it'. We could have gone for another hero-centric/commercial title but it wouldn’t serve the purpose of the script.

Apparently you heard this storyline during Rabhasa days. Why didn’t you do the film then?
I and Siva were busy back then and we couldn’t do because of our respective commitments. But Janatha Garage script played a key role in influencing me to choose good scripts like Temper & Nannaku Prematho.

What is the message that Janatha Garage offers?
If we can't love nature, we should at least respect it. It is our minimum responsibility to protect it & Janatha Garage tries to tell the same.

About your character in the film..
I play the role of Anand- a nature lover. Mohanlal sir will be seen as a person who loves people instead. The rest of the film is about how these two characters meet and how their lives turn. I can say that the film is a complete family entertainer.

How was it working with Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal?
He is a complete man. He gets happy for little pleasures in life. I can say Mohanlal sir is the coolest person I’ve ever known and I’ve got lot to learn from him.

Did you have any concern that Mohanlal’s character might dominate yours?
Actually none of us had such reservations. We only believed in the story instead of all that. I still say that Janatha Garage is the real hero of the film and we are just a supporting cast.

How was it working with Samantha and Nithya Menen?
Both are wonderful actors and we rarely get to see such power packed combination and I am delighted to work with them.

What is your take on Vinodh Royal issue and extremist fandom?
What happened was unfortunate. I still advice every hero fan to first love the country, his family & friends and only then worry about their favorite star hero. I can confidently say that my fans would never indulge in anything violent and if they, I don’t need such fans. We heroes are fine here. Did you ever heard of a spat between us? We usually don’t get a chance to meet often but whenever there is an occasion, we don’t miss it.

Will you ever do a multi starrer in near future?
I was always up for it but only when I find a perfect script.

Then why do think there is so much fuss about the number game in the industry?
It might be prevalent in some producers or distributor circle but I don’t believe in it. A film should have good content first and only such films are faring well. Why did people accept movies like Pelli Choopulu and Manamantha which were against the formula? I want to experiment on good content based films and Nannaku Prematho and Temper are the success stories.

You look like a changed man, who is behind this?
(Laughs) Guess becoming a father has brought a big change in me. I think seeing your kid growing with all those small moments in life is a blissful experience. Of late, I’m spending good time with Abhay. He loves to play in the mud and I couldn’t stop him. (Smiles) He is quite active and energetic!

Upcoming movies?
It is not yet finalized. Vakkantham Vamsi narrated story to me which is yet to be confirmed.

What was the reason behind going away from TDP?
I was never away from TDP. I'm just a soldier and will always be there for the party. I'm an actor first and right now I’m just busy with my film commitments.

Okay..thanks a lot and wish you the best for Janatha Garage!
Thanks a lot!

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