This 'Okkadu' Title Trend in Telugu Cinema is Absolutely Crazy!

By - August 31, 2016 - 07:04 PM IST

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We know ‘Success’ speaks a lot in the industry. Sometimes without success, you’re not even a fellow living being for some. We are ardent followers of trends set by successful films that during the course of time, a peculiar ‘title’ sentiment in our Telugu film industry.

Out of the zillion sentiments we have, ‘Okkadu’ was one word that our producers/directors love to have in their title. From Balakrishna’s Vamsanikokkadu in 1995 to Vishal’s yet-to-release Okkadochadu (2016), this ‘Okkadu’ had to be in the title. Be it for the “heroism” they want to elevate or the so called “market demands”, ‘Okkadu’ and all its corresponding words have been in a way exploited. However when put altogether, here is how it sounds:
Okkadu (2003)
Oke okkadu (1999)
Inkokkadu (2016)

Vamsanikokkadu (1995)
Yuganiki Okkadu (2010)

Okkadunnadu (2007)
Okkadochadu (2016)

Srihari‘s Okkade (2005)
Veedokkade (2009)
Athanokkade (2005)
Okkaditho Modalaindi (2015)
Okkadu Chalu (2005)

Okkadine (2013)
Okkade Kani Iddaru (2005)
There are many other funny trends we would like to hear from you. Our comment box is waiting for your observations!

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