Ali's Class To Media Websites

By - September 03, 2016 - 09:21 AM IST

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Senior comedian Ali is known for his witty and somewhat bold jokes during film related functions. This time, he was part of the Siddhartha movie’s audio function albeit as a guest. Suma Kanakala was the anchor and after his speech she said hi to Ali.

Then she asked Ali “how are you” and came forward to shake his hand. Immediately, Ali replied something like this “If I do that gossips will be written on me. Once news came that you slapped me in an event in Dubai.” Turning to media folks he said “Why do you write like that, nothing like that happened.”

The senior actor also added “Many poor kids are there. Please educate them through your platform and your websites will reach great heights. What is this personal gossiping trash.” That way, Ali’s class to media websites came in. The reactions from media community are awaited.

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