Pawan Kalyan Japam In Audio Function

By - September 03, 2016 - 06:15 PM IST

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The adage ‘Too Much Is Too Bad’ holds very good for the Tollywood circuit but despite that, certain things don’t change. For instance, if a concept becomes a success then immediately you will see hordes of such movies with the same concept till audience gets vexed with it.

Similarly, the chanting of power star Pawan Kalyan worked in few movies and led to hits. As a result, almost every other movie began to have his name in one way or the other. But this time, the Japam of Pawan took place at an audio release event.

We are talking about Siddhartha audio release function and a lot of his name was taken. The reason being, the director of the film Dayanand Reddy worked with Pawan since Khushi till recently. So, it is perceived he came with Pawan’s blessings. Lot of claps were also heard whenever Pawan’s name was heard so guests also noticed this and started using his name everywhere.