Pelli Choopulu Vs 'Sankarabharanam' Dialogue

By - September 05, 2016 - 03:35 PM IST

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The titles of the films that you see above have no link with each other because both belong to different genres and different times. However, one connection has been established between them thanks to two producers and one lyricist of Tollywood.

They are Raj Kandukuri, Madhura Sreedhar and Sira Sri respectively. Apparently, Sira Sri came up with a poem marking the Ganesh festival along with the film Pelli Choopulu achieving huge success. As part of that, a new poster was unveiled and the makers thanked in this way.

Raj Kandukuri: Thank you lord Ganesha for this wonderful success and special mention to my dear friend Sira Sri for the beautiful padyam he wrote on our poster.

Madhura Sreedhar: Thank you Sira Sri for wonderful instant 'PADHYAM' on #pellichoopulu on the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi.

For this, Sira Sri gave his own form of response which we present to you in Tinglish-

"Paaschatya Sanskruti penu toofanu thaakidiki reparepalaadutunna telugu padyaaniki oka kaapu kaasi, padyaanni cine prakatanalaku kooda vaadavachchani teliyajesi, padyaanni janabaahulyamloki teesku velle prayatnam chestunnanduku oka kaviga paravasistunnanu, oka mitrudiga abhinandistunnanu, oka bhashabhimaaniga Sreedhar Reddy Madhura ki, Raj Kandukuri ki sirassu vanchi paadabhivandanam chestunnanu…dorakuna ituvanti seva."

The above happens to be the Sankarabharanam dialogue parody.

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