Greatness Of Akkineni Venkat's Wife

By - September 06, 2016 - 03:46 PM IST

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You might have a lot of wealth and a lot of influence but you earn your real greatness and respect from the world when you know how to be grounded. There are many rich people who are blinded by their ego and their money and eventually wither off.

But those who never bring that in front rise to be great individuals. One such person is Akkineni Jyotsna. Most of you may not know her but she happens to be the wife of Akkineni Venkat. As such, all Akkineni family members are living richly like kings and queens.

However, they all believe in doing some activity out of passion and never beat drums about it. Akin to that, Venkat’s wife has got a flower bouquet on the main road leading to Cinemax but nobody knows she runs it. From their end, even they never speak of it. Kudos Jyotsna!