Shocking Fact about Teacher Sukumar Revealed

By - September 06, 2016 - 02:20 PM IST

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Guess you know creative director Sukumar was a Maths teacher before (of course…it isn’t a new discovery!). A lot has been said and spoken of ‘director’ Sukumar but he still has a lesser know side of a ‘Maths & Physics teacher’.
Sukumar was believed to be a sensitive person who always felt teaching wasn’t just a job but indeed a noble responsibility. Not just his films but indeed his approach of dealing with students was different. Sukumar used to punish himself if students aren’t heeding to him.
Once he gave an imposition to a student as punishment. As usually the student failed to serve his punishment. What would you do if you were the teacher there? Any other teacher would’ve given the student a much severe punishment. But instead Sukumar wrote the imposition and handed over to the student taking the punishment for his student’s mistake. Even if the students are any mischievous in the class, Sukumar used to beat himself that as usually took the class by surprise. When students asked the reason behind his weird reaction, Sukumar said that the teacher is responsible for his student’s failure.
Keeping aside the debate about Sukumar’s approach as a teacher, his staunch belief in our teaching values is commendable! Besides making good films, guess Sukumar would’ve gifted good citizens to the society if he was a teacher. 

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