Small Film Brings Tensions In Many Families

By - September 07, 2016 - 05:26 PM IST

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There are different tiers in the cinema industry and while the top tier which involves big stars and big movies has their own plusses and minuses, the focus is more on the lower tier which is the small budget flicks. Usually, they are the worst hit in the cine circuit.

One out of ten movies tend to become a hit and now one small film is bringing tensions to many families. With the recent release Pelli Choopulu becoming a hit, all those who are having budgets of 1 crore 1.25 crores and are passionate about movies are coming forward.

Well, if it works out then okay but if it doesn’t then situation will be bad. This is the fear of the family members. Due to Pelli Choopulu effect, nearly hundred producers may come with this bracket of budget. Let us see how things take shape then.