Film Celebs Behind This Phone

By - September 09, 2016 - 04:52 PM IST

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There is a common trend you will notice in the cinema industry especially Tollywood that if one new style of fashion, a new vehicle or a new gadget gets released, immediately there will be many trying to get their hands on it. The reason behind that is unknown.

For sometime there was a craze for swanky SUVs, then it switched to the slippers worn by power star Pawan Kalyan in Attarintiki Daredi. Now, a new mania has gripped filmnagar. We are talking about the latest phone, the iPhone 7 which got launched recently.

It is heard that many film celebrities are now using their influence to get it from US since the phone hits Indian markets on September 26. Though it is priced at an exorbitant Rs 63,000, it doesn’t seem to be pinching anyone. Wonder how many know the technical side of it.

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