Director On Personality Development Film

By - September 09, 2016 - 04:47 PM IST

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If you take an average of the number of movies that release, more than half of them tend to follow a routine template in Tollywood. It would be a commercial entertainer with dose of action, romance and comedy. The focus on solid content has been less since long.

But the situation is changing and some directors are focusing on something more meaningful. One such person is writer cum director Koratala Siva. His movies contain a message but they are usually blended in the plot. But this time Koratala has changed his track slightly.

Usually, all his films revolve around social awareness and doing something for the environment and society. But sources now reveal his next with superstar Mahesh Babu is going to revolve around personality development. The storyline is going to have a deeper personal touch. This should be interesting.

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