Producer Gives Rs 1 Cr To Debut Director

By - September 10, 2016 - 03:07 PM IST

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Unless you reach a certain stage of success and stardom, it is usually tough for you to make money as a director. It is the mere passion towards cinema that drives many filmmakers and they keep doing small budget movies. But certain producers break that trend.

According to reports, the noted producer Raj Kandukuri gave a whopping 1 crore to debutante director Tarun Bhascker. The reason for this is the success of their venture Pelli Choopulu. It is heard that Raj spent at start just for the making of the movie.

It is only now that he gave Tarun this amount. Many producers are not like that, they would say we will look into that in second movie or will offer chance for another movie but this doesn’t happen. As a result, Tarun has been talking about Raj’s goodness outside. Buzz is that Raj wanted to gift a luxury car to Tarun but the latter said he doesn’t need it because he likes living simple. Raj liked it a lot and hence this fat pay cheque.