The Other Side of Roja Revealed!

By - September 11, 2016 - 02:44 PM IST

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Roja - she is known for her talent beauty as an actress, lovely contagious smile in Telugu TV shows like Jabardasth, powerful hosting in Telugu reality shows like Rachabanda and dynamism in active politics. She is often misconceived as a controversial figure but here is a lesser known humanitarian side in her.   
Going into the details, Roja celebrated her daughter Anshumalika’s birthday at Cheers foundation along with the destitute kids. On this occasion she distributed rugs, steel plates, glasses, trunk boxes to the kids and spent some quality time with them. She even promised to donate Rs 10000/- every month for the foundation expenses. 
Well unlike the routine, all this charity happened without much publicity. It is indeed a commendable act by Roja to keep her child grounded and inculcate the habit of giving back to the society. Cheers!