WOW: The lyricist of this Superhit Song is a Police Constable!

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The chartbuster Kala Chashma from the film Baar Baar Dekho starring Katrina Kaif and Siddarth Malhotra became an all time hit and an overnight sensation.  The song reached more than one crore views on YouTube already and the popularity continues to grow.

The lyricist of this song is not someone very popular or a senior but a middle class police constable Amrik Singh! Apparently, this song was penned by him on a casual note during 90s and he never dreamt that it would be used for a Bollywood movie and become so popular.

Until his friend told him about the song after watching on TV, Amrik didn’t know about this fact. A cement based company approached him few months ago to sing the same song for an agreement of Rs.11,000 for the task.  He expressed his disappointment on Baar Baar Dekho makers for not giving lyrics credit to his work and also not inviting for the song launch.

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