Raashi's D-Attempt For 'Hyper'?

By - September 13, 2016 - 10:49 AM IST

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The best way for you to win the attention and earn the respect from outsiders is when you speak their language. This funda applies strongly for the entertainment industry because it is a mixture of individuals who come from different parts of India.

This mixture is more in Tollywood because you find people from Delhi to Mumbai to Chennai to Kerala. One such person is the juicy cutie Raashi Khanna who has settled in Hyderabad and made it her home. She is keen on making it big in Tollywood and is getting there.

Now, there is a grapevine that Raashi wants to take this a step further and is trying to dub for her own voice in the new movie Hyper. The film has wrapped up the shooting and dubbing is going to start soon. The likes of Tamannaah, Rakul have done it so why not Raashi. Let us see what happens.

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