Sindhu's Tips For Tollywood Celebrities

By - September 13, 2016 - 06:59 PM IST

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Perhaps a month ago most of us would have treated the badminton player P V Sindhu as one among the good players but today she is nothing less than a world famous celebrity. Her victory at the recent Olympics is truly a wonderful accomplishment.

Given the fact that she is a Telugu girl makes it more proud for us. Now, the film industry is also gearing up to show its slice of badminton. It is known that this has been named as Celebrity Badminton League and the Telugu team is called Tollywood Thunders.

According to sources, Sindhu might be approached to take some tips and already the captain of the team Sudheer Babu has been a state level player at one point. It is known that Hyderabad has become the hot hub for star badminton players so let us see if Tollywood also makes us proud.

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