The Real Strength Behind 'Hyper'

By - September 15, 2016 - 04:05 PM IST

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There are many reasons why a film becomes successful at the box office but if you are to take the key reasons then the entertainment quotient comes first. However, the Tollywood filmmakers have been infusing humour in most of their scripts and it has become common.

The talk now is about one movie and it is heard that apart from the entertainment values, the real strength of it is something else. We are talking about the film Hyper featuring energetic star Ram and the juicy cutie Raashi Khanna. Recently, the teaser came out.

Coming to its strength, inside news reveals it is the music from Ghibran. Apparently, he has come up with some killer tracks and they will become the crowd pullers after audio release. The film’s release will take place on September 30th so the audio release should be happening soon.