Sunil's Fate In Their Hands

By - September 17, 2016 - 02:43 PM IST

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Sometimes your conviction about few things is so strong that no matter how the reality or the result is, you will stick to that. Some feel that is the case with comedian turned hero Sunil who has been concentrating solely on proving himself as a mass hero.

As such, almost all his movies in the recent past have flunked but Sunil is convinced that he has it in him to make it big. Given that, he is now preparing to take yet another litmus test but this time his fate lies entirely in the hands of the mass audience.

The film is Eedu Gold Ehe and the way it is being promoted, it is clear that Sunil and team wants to ensure they convey it is a pure mass entertainer. The film is releasing on October 7th as of now. This also has the handsome hunk Arvind Krishna in an important role. Let us see what’s in store for Sunil then.