Unique 3D Face Scan Technology For 'Kashmora'

By - September 19, 2016 - 05:04 PM IST

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Cinema is a creative product and graphics is a technological product but when you bring both of them together, the result is amazing. This is something Hollywood excels at and in the recent  years, Indian cinema has also grown strongly.

The need for maximum technology comes while doing period movies and here is one film which has used a unique technology. We are talking about the film Kashmora featuring the sharp eyed Tamil star Karthi. This is slated to be a period war thriller.

Inside sources reveal the makers are using the unique 3D face technology and those scenes would be a major highlight. It was used in the past for Kochadaiyaan featuring style samrat Rajnikanth. Though it is an expensive affair the makers are not hesitating.

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