Reason Behind Janatha Garage Success

By - September 20, 2016 - 10:25 AM IST

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Most of the times when a movie gets a divide talk it is not that easy for it to sustain and reach the success point. This is more in the case of the big star movies. However, the recent release Janatha Garage broke that jinx and triggered many film analysts on how it happened.

While there is no doubt that the star stamina of young tiger Jr NTR worked its way and so did the storyline, here is one key aspect. Some strongly believe the main reason why the film worked so well at the box office is anti piracy worked strong.

No downloads of the film were possible across any website and the audience came to theatre to watch the movie. As a result of this strong anti-piracy the real potential of Telugu cinema is now being seen by the industry folks. This iron grip should be further intensified on piracy.

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