Big Expectations on Sumanth's Naruda Donoruda!

By - September 21, 2016 - 05:32 PM IST

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The biggest moments of your life would always be those successful moments in your career that you cherish for a long time. In case you become a film star then the biggest happiness for you comes through the number of hits you get at the box office.

And to those who score that odd one or two hits in their career, those films become the most precious. For instance, the soft spoken hero Sumanth has got all qualities to become a successful hero but success has not favored him as much as it should.

But now, his next movie seems to have it all. We are talking about Naruda Donoruda and the industry is already predicting that after Godavari there is no other hit for Sumanth but the time has come for another grand hit through this flick. Even the promotions of Naruda Donoruda is happening very well.

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