Lyricist's Selfie With Naeem

By - September 22, 2016 - 07:41 PM IST

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In the last few weeks, the one name you would have heard very often is Nayeem. He is the slain gangster who has given sleepless nights to many while he was alive and is currently doing the same to many politicians and police officials after his death.

Given that he is no more, you must be wondering how a selfie was taken with him. Well, here are the details. Lyricist Sirasri took part in the musical maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s show in Seattle and from there he went to Newark. During the transit, he was thinking a lot about Nayeem and the movie that RGV has announced.

And while he was standing for his baggage at the conveyor belt, he came across someone and took a selfie and put it on Facebook. Well, it was not Nayeem himself but a man who wore a T-shirt with Naeem written on it. Like they say, think of the devil and there he appears!