Sushma Raj's Glitters In Gold Film

By - September 22, 2016 - 11:57 AM IST

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While you are watching a film there are many aspects that appeal to you and that don’t but there are also times when certain things stand out and create a huge impact on you. The hangover is so intense that you cannot forget those scenes or stars.

Given that, you have to prepare yourself when you are going to watch the movie Eedu Gold Ehe which is hitting the screens on October 7. The reason being, one of the leading ladies has glittered in a big way with her glamour and appeal.

She is none other than Sushma Raj of Maaya fame. Reports reveal Sushma’s glamour dose is going to pull the eyeballs out of your sockets and make you sweat with the heat. The film also has the handsome hunk Arvind Krishna doing an important and powerful role.

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