False News on S Janaki Creates Confusion

By - September 23, 2016 - 12:09 PM IST

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The legendary playback singer S Janaki officially announced her retirement from singing yesterday after recording a Malayalam song. The humble singer said that it is time for her to retire and enjoy the old age and give way for new singers.

However, this statement was greatly misinterpreted by many media houses and the news of her being ill and even her death hoax was falsely promoted all over. 
This led to great panic among her fans and people started contacting her to enquire about her health. The playback singer herself was astonished to see such senseless statements circling around. She cleared the air said her health is totally alright and requested not to spread such fake news.
Padmabhushan SPB fired on such media houses on his Facebook handle saying that it is irresponsible of them to spread such wrong news on a legendary singer. With this clarification, her fans took a sigh of relief.

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