Sushant Also Decides To Do Nasty

By - September 23, 2016 - 06:04 PM IST

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You belonging to a powerful film family might get you a comfortable entry into films and more than fair number of chances to prove yourself but if you don’t deliver then you are out of the race. One hero who is currently experiencing that is Sushant from Akkineni family.

But now it is heard that he is changing his thoughts after looking at his cousin Sumanth. It is known that Sumanth is doing the movie Naruda Donaruda and though it comes across as a nasty flick, there are many good things like depth, humor, social responsibility.

This is something out of the box and it is shocking that Sumanth has taken it up. But this risk is paying off well and some feel even Sushant may also follow suit. For Sumanth, just for poster he got huge attention and it is very hitting as it comes with content. Let us see what Sushant does because he got identity only with two movies Kalidasu and Current in his entire career.