Why Pawan Kalyan Is Against To This?

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Once you establish your career as a film superstar there is a certain path you are expected to take, at least that is the perception of the public from you. However, when you don’t take that path, it raises eyebrows and causes various forms of discussions.

Power star Pawan Kalyan is the number one star hero in Tollywood and despite that, there is one thing he is against and that is endorsements. For his potential he can mint crores of rupees. He is saying in public meetings he doesn’t have money.

Actually he doesn’t have to say such things. If he starts endorsements he can make tons of money but he has never done that. Of course, some refer to his candid interview with the Bollywood based film critic Anupama Chopra wherein he revealed his thoughts but still it would be nice to see Pawan doing an endorsement.  

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