Can Rashmi's TV shine in the Club?

By - September 25, 2016 - 12:59 PM IST

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The concept of zombies & zomedy (zombie+comedy) is quite unusual in Indian especially Telugu film industry. This genre is a hit in the West and even Indian film industry also adopted this genre in recent times. Hollywood has produced many films in this genre and two Indian films Rise of the Zombie (2013) & Go Goa Gone (2013) tried to make some noise in this regard but couldn't set a trend.
Exactly when people are looking for new films, Rashmi Gautam, Dhanya Balakrishna, Chalaki Chanti, Teja Kakumanu (of Baahubali Sakethudu fame) starrer Tanu Vachenanta is creating ripples with its zombie comedy concept and they are confident that this will be a sure shot refreshing entertainer. 
While this zomedy film is set to hit the theaters this Sep 30. Tanu Vachenanta team has already completed their promotions in Vijayawada & Vishakapatnam and they have got a warm reception from the audiences and fans. We wish good luck to this new zomedy.

Egashtra: Check out the Top 10 Zombie Films

Zombieland- 2009 7.7/10
The Return of Living Dead- 1985 7.3/10
Shaun of the Dead-2004 8/10
Planet Terror-2007 7.2/10
Dead Alive- 1992 7.6/10
Re-Animator- 1985 7.2/10
Fido-2006 6.8/10
Aaah! Zombies!!- 2007 5.7/10
Go Goa Gone- 2013 5.5/10
Ninjas vs Zombies-2008 2.9/10

Source- IMDB

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