Angelina Jolie NO to Brad Pitt

By - September 26, 2016 - 12:26 PM IST

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The dusky Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie and handsome hunk Brad Pitt were the most happening couple around the world for not just their looks but also their charitable activities. They became an inspiration to everyone with their work and adopting kids from third world countries as well. But now, the news of their divorce shook everyone so badly.

As per the latest updates, Angelina walked out of a project named Africa in which Brad Pitt is the hero. This happening couple sizzled on screen earlier in films like Mr & Mrs Smith and Smith and by The Sea. Angelina was supposed to direct this film but reportedly she has walked out just to avoid Brad Pitt and uncomfortable situations.

However, reports say that Brad Pitt is very much willing to do this project but Angelina got vexed up with it feeling that the trouble began with this project alone. Will this happening couple every patch up in future? Let us hope so!

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