Unbelievable Statement By Top Dancer

By - September 27, 2016 - 06:48 PM IST

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Let us say you are the best at what you do and there are lakhs of people who take you as an inspiration for what you do. And then you come on a public platform and say your own family doesn’t like what you are doing, how will the reaction be.

Something like that happened yesterday at the event of the film Abhinetri which has the multi-faceted Prabhu Deva as the male lead. Sharing his thoughts, Prabhu reportedly said his kids don’t like his dance at all. Whether it was a jest or something but it sure is unbelievable.

Those who heard this from Prabhu say this is just something he said for media attention and it could also be on a lighter vein. They reiterated that it is impossible for anyone not to like the dance of Prabhu Deva. No wonder he is called Indian Michael Jackson which is a rare honour.

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