Social Program Gets Into Controversy

By - September 28, 2016 - 10:12 AM IST

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The moment you switch on the TV, only two types of programs dominate the small screen. It is either a soap which is running from your childhood or a reality show which doesn’t hesitate to drag out people’s personal lives onto the public platform.

One program which has garnered a lot of attention among the Telugu crowds is ‘Bathuku Jhatka Bandi’ which is hosted by Jeevitha Rajasekhar. The objective of this show is to hold open discussion on real life people’s problems by bringing them to the studio.

Now, this social program has landed in soup. It is heard that one auto driver has filed a police case against secretaries of Jeevitha alleging they were threatening him to come to the show to sort out an issue with his wife. It has to be seen what action the police will take now.

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