Singer Mano's Late Night Entertainment

By - September 29, 2016 - 04:16 PM IST

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What you see of a film celebrity when he or she is at work is just one glimpse of that person but there are many instances wherein these celebrities are quite contrast to the image they have. And then there are those who remain the same whether it is onstage or off it.

One such person is the noted singer Mano. It is known that Mano is a hot property in the US circuit and whenever he goes for concerts, he is a treat to his near and dear after working hours. It is heard that in the night time he offers full entertainment to his folks.

This is in the form of jokes, songs, parodies. He enthralls everyone and all of them enjoy his multi-talented treats in a big way. Buzz is that if ladies are there Mano is very sensible with his jokes but if they are not there, he will sing even soft adult humour songs much to the delight of those around.