Selena Gomez behind Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Divorce?

By - October 01, 2016 - 05:51 PM IST

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We might feel very proud of ourselves to have achieved some new frontiers in technology but the other side is, this is the same technology which is creating many gaps and distances between human beings. The smartphones are the key cause for such things.

Recently the entire world was in a state of shock when they heard Angelina Jolie applying for a divorce against Brad Pitt. They were like the role model couple. While the initial cause was given as Brad’s lack of attention towards their adopted children, here is another one.

It is heard that his phone contained pictures of many celebrities and other women like Selena Gomez wherein Brad is also seen hugging, kissing and in intimate poses. This has reportedly blown the top of Angelina and she has gone for a divorce. From his end, Brad is denying all this.

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