Angry Prakash Raj walks away from Interview!

By - October 03, 2016 - 01:03 PM IST

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National Award winning artist Prakash Raj never shies away to call a spade a spade and hence often lands up in controversies.The otherwise simple and straight forward person has been pushed into an uncomfortable space in a recent interview.

Going into the details, Prakash is busy promoting his forthcoming bilingual film (Kannada & Telugu) Mana Oori Ramayanam releasing this Oct 7. As a part of the promotions, he participated in a Kannada TV interview where he was apparently irked by questions on the much sensitive Cauvery river issue between Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.

This made Prakash so uncomfortable that he asked the concerned reporter "Why you are asking the question which I have got nothing to do with?" Requesting the TV channel not to sensationalize issues for TRPs, Prakash Raj made it very clear that he won’t be giving any interview to this particular channel in future 

Having said this Prakash Raj walked away from the interview. Industry onlookers have opined that it is indeed a bold move from Prakash Raj especially prior to his movie release. Well that is Prakash Raj for you!