Premam Director Is His New Identity

By - October 04, 2016 - 04:20 PM IST

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The interesting part about working with film fraternity is that you start getting tagged with your work and public will start calling you with that name. There are many actors who are nicknamed with the roles they play in their movies and addressed like that.

Similarly, filmmakers get tagged with the movies they make. Of course, it is imperative that the film creates that sort of impact on the audience. True to that, the talk now emerging is about director Chandoo Mondeti and the new identity he is going to get.

It is strongly believed that the public will call him Premam director once the film hits the screens on October 7.  He has shaped the film very well. So far, Chandoo was called as Kaarthikeya director but very soon he will be called as Premam director.

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