Gruhapravesham Movie Completes 70 Years!

By - October 05, 2016 - 11:15 AM IST

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There are many aspects to be learnt from the Black and White era of Tollywood where films with versatile themes were made. The films had great values, characterizations and touched various issues which need attention in our society. One such debatable aspect of our society is feminism and women’s rights. Feminism might look like a modern concept which has been gaining popularity these days but seventy years ago, a thought provoking film was made on those lines starring the dynamic actress Bhanumathi in the lead role.

It is none other than Gruhapravesham which also had stalwarts such as CSR and LV Prasad in lead roles. The film is based on the story of a strong willed woman Janaki (Bhanumathi) who voices herself to marry the person of her choice instead of parental insistence. When her stepmother Tulasamma (Hemalatha) plans to get her married to her cousin Ramana Rao (CSR), Janaki finds her path by stepping out of the house and the rest of the film deals with her obstacles and how she finds the love of her life.

LV Prasad does a brilliant job in highlighting sensitive emotions and delicate characterizations and at the same time showcases the point of women independence quite strongly. The point that an independent woman needn’t achieve something great but just to voice out her opinions itself is a great task is clearly shown throughout.

Songs like Banisalam Banisalam, Emaguno Naa Jeevitham and Janaki is the Queen of My Heart are popular till date and it must be noted that the actors such as Bhanumathi and CSR themselves sang them for the film!

Let us remember the wonderful classic on this special day for its completion of seventy glorious years!