Sunil Setting New Record

By - October 06, 2016 - 04:19 PM IST

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Whenever you set a new record or achieve one, that feeling is exhilarating. While some work with goals such as that, for some destiny is written. The film industry is one place where many unique records keep happening and here is one in the making.

This is through the comedian turned hero Sunil. He started his career as a comedian and grew big. Eventually, Sunil converged his fat into six pack and became a hero. Even success blessed him as a hero and since then he has stuck himself to doing protagonist roles.

But now, there are reports that he has decided to expand his presence and become an antagonist as well. Buzz is that Sunil is keen to do negative roles in other languages. Going by this, it is clear that his stamina is good to try different things and in this process, he is setting a new record.