Sunil's Eedu Gold Ehe Movie Review & Ratings

By - October 07, 2016 - 04:33 PM IST

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Cast: Sunil, Richa Panai, Sushma Raj
Banner: AK Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Music: Sagar M
Cinematographer: Dev Raj
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Producer: Rama Brahmam Sunkara
Director: Veeru Potla 

Tagline: All that glitters is not gold


Bangaru Raju (Sunil) is an innocent guy who puts his employers in problems with his naïve acts. A case of mistaken identity makes him lock horns with the menacing Mahadev (Puneet Issar) and his henchmen. In a quest to find the real culprit and clear the air around the proceedings, he meets Geeta (Sushma Raj) – his love interest and a string of comedians who try hard to entertain with their gags. The rest of film is about unraveling the mystery behind the entire setup.


Sunil: He spearheads the whole film but falls too short for a powerful role. There are sparks of brilliance and potions of humor from his performance. However, the role never ventures to bring out a new dimension from Sunil.

Sushma Raj: She gets a couple of scenes to act insanely looking at her mobile screen and when she looks into the eyes of the protagonist you can’t bear it.

Richa Panai: She plays a glamdoll, moll and whatever name you want to attribute to her character. But nothing gets registered.

Punnet Issar: A villain who gets a nice introduction but the character gets watered down as the movie progresses.

Jaya Sudha: A soulful mother who gets some scenes to emote and becomes a crucial anchor for the protagonist’s character arc.

Shakalaka Shankar: He is a laugh riot and the sole saving grace of the film.

Pruthvi (30 Years): He entertains at different times but gets repetitive with his dose of laughter that revolves around comedy of errors.

Naresh: The senior actor gets very little screen time and no scope to fire his cylinders.

Posani: Another passing role for him wherein he does nothing great than the usual.

Arvind Krishna: He does a brotherly act with a mellowed down performance.


Eedu Gold Ehe grazes through the archetypal template set by Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest. An innocent protagonist, who is not wary of the happenings and struggles to find the reason for falling at the receiving end. In a strange coincidence, the audience keeps on hitting the guessing meter to predict the so called twists from miles.

More time is spent on the comedy and that dilutes the plot to a large extent. May be director Veeru Potla wanted to utilize his comic vehicle Sunil to the optimal, but he couldn’t pull the weight of the proceedings. The female lead doesn’t get enough meat to their characters and end up as mere caricatures. Again, seems to be a ploy to present some songs and eye candy on screen but they stand as sore thumbs.

As the film shifts to a cat-and-mouse game in the second half, there isn’t much intrigue or startling revelations to the end. There’s just a lame twist to reveal the antagonist. All in all, something that might have looked magical on paper couldn’t be translated into sparkling material on screen.


- Sunil’s performance in bits and pieces
- The comedy episodes.


- Narration that’s devoid of ample twists.
- Some scenes that bleed boredom and test your patience.


Sagar Mahati gave music that’s just passable. Though the background score was impressive in parts, it couldn’t sustain through the film. The songs are mere speed breakers and pop out unwarrantedly.


Technical departments indulge in a been-there-done-that effort with nothing much to write home about.


Eedu Gold Ehe is a tried a tested template for a thriller with less of thrills and more of forced gags. At times, you feel the canned laughter in some TV shows is more humorous than this film. Everyone in the film fights for a common goal and when they reach there you realize the film-maker went aimless leaving the audience clueless. Watch it if a string of lame jokes is your cup of cinema. 

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