Hollywood Actor On Indian Product

By - October 08, 2016 - 08:55 AM IST

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One measure of your stardom can be done based on the number of brand endorsements you do. In fact, it is more of a pattern that once you become a famous film actor, you are flooded by many endorsement offers. If you go international it is even better.

However, can you imagine a global celebrity who has done an iconic role has come forward to endorse an Indian product? Well, it has happened now and the gentleman happens to be Pierce Brosnan, the star who essayed the role of James Bond 007 in few movies.

Brosnan has now become the face of the tobacco product Pan Bahar, the Indian Pan Masala brand. Reports say even an ad film has been shot on him in London. This has come across as a major surprise to many and the reactions to that are now viral on the internet.

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