Singapore Telugus Request To Ramoji Rao

By - October 10, 2016 - 04:00 PM IST

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It takes a special ability to keep a low profile but let your work do the talking in the most magnanimous manner. This is something the media baron Ramoji Rao is very good at. Though he is rarely seen in spotlight, his name is heard almost everywhere.

Now, it is heard that Ramoji Rao has been approached by Telugus from Singapore. This is regarding the show Swarabhishekam coming in ETV. It is being held in US in a big way. Reports say the Singapore Telugus requested Ramoji to do it in Singapore and he has agreed to it.

However, they have to arrange for organizers which is yet another daunting task. This is because, unlike the Telugu NRIs in US who are rich and in large numbers, the quantity is less in Singapore. Despite that, the Singapore Telugu people are very passionate to get it done so let us wish they achieve it soon.

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