Deadly Duo For Ram Charan

By - October 14, 2016 - 07:01 PM IST

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After attaining superstardom it is imperative that you choose the best in business to ensure your movie gets the best output. Though Tollywood has abundant presence of talent, the touch from Bollywood is different and hence our folks import them.

This time it is the turn of mega powerstar Ram Charan who is currently in the final stages of his new movie Dhruva. Reports reveal the song shooting has commenced and as part of that, the deadly duo from Bollywood Bosco-Caesar has been brought in.

The duo has come up with some of the best dance sequences for big stars in Bollywood and they have now composed some really good steps for Charan as well. It is heard that even the shooting got completed and the song will become a highlight in the film. 

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