Rajnikanth's Political Entry with AIADMK?

By - October 14, 2016 - 09:01 AM IST

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You can only get two topics in mind when you discuss about Style Samrat Rajnikanth, his simplicity and his possible entry to politics. The latter topic has been in discussion since decades but till date Rajni has never indicated or shown a positive sign towards it.

But the political situation in Tamil Nadu is looking different. CM Jayalalithaa is in hospital from more than a week and nobody has a clue what’s happening. But if something unfortunate happens to Jaya, her party AIADMK will collapse without a trace.

So, it is heard that some have approached Rajni to take over the party reins since grapevine is strong that Jaya is not in good condition. However, few say even Rajni’s health is also not great so they feel he will not agree. For now, the only confirmation is that Rajni was approached.

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